A beginner’s guide to raising porkers, baconers and backfatters
by Jen Owens

ISBN 9781864471175

I have only once kept a pig and for some reason, lost in the mists of time, we named her after my mother-in-law. No insult intended. I was very fond of the pig and my mother-in-law. And that is one of the difficult things about pigs, you do become very fond of them. So when it’s time to kill them it can be difficult. But Jen Owens takes a practical and no-nonsense approach to all aspects of owning and raising pigs, seeing it as more important to take responsibility for the meat she eats and to ensure that the animal it comes from has been respected and cared for during its lifetime. The book has chapters on choosing your pig, housing and fencing, food and water, breeding, health, D-Day (the abattoir and butcher) and porky products.

The perfect book for anyone wanting to raise pigs and eat their own pork and bacon. Buy it from your local bookshop, borrow it from your library or buy a copy online from the store

Sewn PB, full-colour, 144 pp, AUS$24.95