Seasons in my Kitchen Garden

from paddock to potagerA journey from Paddock to Potager

Review by Penny Woodward

Some books are practical and useful, some tell a story, some are beautiful to hold and use: Seasons in my Kitchen Garden is all of these and more. The first thing I noticed about Marcelle Nankervis’s delightful third book was the design, which makes the most of the lovely photographs. Delectable close ups of fresh produce, snippets of farm life, and only two photos of Marcelle (I hate this current trend where gardening books and magazines have more photos of the author than they do of the produce or garden!). The book starts with the story of why Marcelle and her family moved to the small farm and this story continues, interwoven between practical seasonal pages about the how to, growing and harvest of fruit and vegetables. She tells of the things that worked, and the things that went terribly wrong. How she wouldn’t put the pigs next to the house again, how her children have become her pest controllers and how they now all wear safety goggles anytime they are working on the farm (you have to read the book to find out why). Read more


By Penny Woodward

Christmas is the time for cherries in our neck-of-the-woods and recently while researching an article for Organic Gardener Magazine I was lucky to be able to visit Trevor Holmes at his Red Hill Cherry Farm. Trevor has been growing cherries here for more than 43 years (the oldest pick-your-own in Victoria) and as we wandered around the farm looking at various cherry trees we discussed cultivars, pruning, frosts, organics and biodynamic BD 500 mix. I went back again today to take photos of ripe cherries and as well as to buy some cherries to take home. Read more

Pick your own Organic Raspberries

by Gail Thomas

Pennyroyal Raspberry Farm

Delicious, succulent raspberries

Nootka raspberries

Raspberries ready for picking


Pennyroyal Valley in Victoria’s Western District was well known as a berry growing area from late 1800′s to post World War 2 with old steam train tracks set along the valley floors for the fruit to be transported by train to Geelong. Mike and Katrine Juleff have lived in the region since 1987 and twelve years ago took over the 7.8ha Pennyroyal Raspberry Farm which is the oldest operating berry farm in the district. Read more

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