Plaiting garlic

Freshly harvested white hardneck garlic

Freshly harvested white hardneck

Hang to dry in a shaded airy position

Hang to dry in a shaded airy position

Garlic harvesting takes place from spring to early summer. As the weather warms up and days lengthen, bulbs reach their full size and the leaves start to die back. Once the bulbs are harvested and either before or after curing (drying) you might like to plait your bulbs into a braid.

Follow the directions below for a simple way to do this.
You will need: Scissors, a soft brush and strong string. If you have cured (dried) your garlic first then you will also need two old towels. Read more

Spaghetti and Gem squash

By Gail Thomas

Spaghetti squash

Pumpkins are a favourite for the home gardener and the cook – nothing like a bowl of warming pumpkin soup or roasted as an accompaniment to chicken or other meat. For something a bit different why not consider planting spaghetti marrow/squash or gem squash as these varieties have ‘strands’ of textured flesh similar to fine spaghetti, hence the name. Read more

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