Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2012

Another small piece of the display garden

A small piece of Home Life by the Tree and Shrub Growers Victoria garden




Beneath the fabulous old trees of the Carlton gardens and in the Heritage listed Exhibition Building, it is not possible to imagine a better setting for a flower and garden show. And I think the 2012 show is one of the best in recent years. Although I don’t agree with all the judges decisions, there are some very deserving winners including the gold medal equal best in show Home.Life by the Tree and Shrub Growers Victoria (see above and below). Carolyn Blackman of Vivid Design has done a great job of displaying the variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables being promoted by Oasis Horticulture; and as usual the Debco Avenue of Achievable Gardens is a delight. Better I think than any other year. As I write this there are still two days of the show to go, and the weather, which has been perfect for the last three days, looks as if it is going to remain kind. So, if you have any interest in gardening, or just love beautiful things, make your way to the Flower and Garden show this weekend. If you can’t go, or just want a taste of what you will see, look at the pictures in the rest of this article.
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chewing fennel seeds helps to reduce appetite.

Green fennel flower and leaves

All fennel flowers are attractive to bees and other beneficial insects

Fennel Foeniculum vulgare is a perennial that grows to two metres or more, and at least 50cm across. the leaf has a strong anise scent and flavour, and the buttery yellow flowers appear in summer and autumn. The more common green fennel is a noxious weed in some regions so it should not be planted. It’s better to grow bronze fennel (F. vulgare ‘Purpureum’), which is similar to green fennel, but has purple/bronze leaves, does not spread as easily and is not a noxious weed. Alternatively grow Florence fennel (F. vulgare subsp. vulgare var. azoricum) for its delicious aniseedy stem bases. Fennel seed is sown in spring or autumn and plants will self sow easily, but Florence fennel does best if seed is sown from August to December in warm temperate regions, and September to February in cold temperate climates. Read more

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