A guide to edible and medicinal weeds in Australia

This lovely authoritative guide covers 20 common weeds in depth and then another 20 or so more briefly. Everything from amaranth, angled onion and blackberry nightshade to nettles, prickly pear and purslane. The first chapter looks at how to find weeds as well as talking about poisonous plants and nitrates, oxalic acids and contaminants found in weeds. I love the anecdotes about the history of each plant, the way they have been used in different cultures and the really excellent photographs. The final section is full of recipes like green smoothies, weed salads and frittatas, nettle gnocchi and prickly pear pizza. It is not just full of good information, but is also a lovely book to hold and use, fitting neatly into your hand and pocket so that you can easily take it with you when out for a walk. The authors run regular weed walks in Melbourne. Borrow it from your library, buy it from your local independent bookshop or buy a copy online from our store.

By Adam Grubb and Annie Raser-Rowland

Flexicover sewn, full-colur, 166p, ISBN 978186447

Hyland House Publishing, $21.95