This lovely book is the perfect introduction to edible organic gardening. It is packed with clear and accessible information and photographs about composting, soils, pests and diseases, as well as an A-Z of edible plants. It also explains in simple terms how to get started, what is meant by terms like organic, permaculture and biodynamic and how to test your soil. Scattered through the book there are clear step-by-step pictures of making no-dig gardens and vegetable beds, as well as growing green manure and laying irrigation systems, how to espalier and much more. While probably more suited to the beginner gardener, there is also information here for the more experienced gardener. A great addition to the organic gardening literature; you would expect no less from two such knowledgeable garden writers.

Borrow it from you library or buy it from your local independent book shop.

by Jennifer Stackhouse & Debbie McDonald, Murdoch Books, $29.95 (digital copies $19.95)