Like so many gardeners in this beautiful state I think we should be on the move to again declare ourselves The Garden State. It is time we repossessed the logo and put it back on our number plates. As Glenn Fenton, President of Nursery & Garden Industry Victoria says “Victoria is home to some of the most beautiful and historic gardens in the country, and there is no better time of year than Spring to remind us how important those gardens are to the character and identity of our State”. In his article in the Sunday Age yesterday, award winning landscape gardener Jim Fogarty reminded us that “Greening cities is now a significant driver of investment” and that “Greening cities brings significant benefits to our physical and metal health”. When you add to this the plethora of gardens, including more than 100 community gardens, 32 botanic gardens, important avenues of street trees and the tens of thousands of back yards and balconies where families grow their own food then it would be hard to find a better brand for our state. If you want to support this move then go to this facebook page
to register. And don’t forget to spread the word to your friends.