I have been trialing Eco-oil from Eco-organic Gardening. Although I like to make my own sprays when necessary, I also recognise that sometimes we don’t have time to do this, so having a bottle of certified organic spray on hand is a good idea. Eco-oil is registered for use against mites in particular but also as a general pesticide. It will help to control scale, aphids, whitefly and citrus leafminer. It works by smothering the pest so won’t hurt bees or ladybird beetles, as long as you don’t spray them. And there is no withholding period so fruit and vegies are safe to harvest. I love the fact that this company is Australian owned and operated, so by buying this product you are supporting Australian workers and an Australian company.
The new Eco-oil spray has been enhanced with organic compounds (they call it HIPPO enhanced) from plants that will attract beneficial insects. As Steve Falconi from Eco-organic says a 3 year research project with Charles Sturt University,’ Investigated the natural defence mechanisms of plants, in particular the way plants produce volatile organic compounds when being attacked by pests.  These compounds act as SOS messages to beneficial insects letting them know that tasty snacks are on nearby plants! A whole range of beneficial insects are attracted including ladybeetles, lacewings, hoverflies and parasitoids. ‘

I have used it against mites on my bay tree where it has been very effective, and have been testing it on aphids on roses. With these strangely warm winter days the aphids have already appeared. It works really well. I will still start by squashing my aphids but if they get away from me I will spray with this great new product (after checking that the ladybird larvae have not already moved in). Highly recommended. To buy it online go to the Eco-organic website

(The Eco-oil spray was given to me to trial by Eco-organic Gardening)