A science degree in Botany and Zoology. A year cycling alone through the highways and byways of England, Scotland and Ireland. Voluntary work at the Chelsea Physic Garden, London. A stint looking after a National Trust mansion and eight acres of parkland in rural Victoria, Australia. Starting up and running a herb nursery. Years helping husband build houses. Writing seven published books (see the store) and countless articles especially for Organic Gardener magazine. And now the Horticultural Editor of the magazine, essential guides, calendar and diary as well. Photographing every interesting garden and plant within sight. Fielding curly questions on the 3CR radio garden panel. Add in continual experimentation with the growing of useful and edible plants and we’re up to Penny Woodward in the year 2016.

Penny is available to give talks to interested groups and to write and provide photos for articles in magazines, e-zines and blogs. All, of course, for a reasonable fee.