Black tomatoes

Black Cherry tomatoes

Black Cherry tomatoes ripening on the vine

Black Russian tomato

Black Russian tomato

I’ve decided to take a chance and plant some early tomatoes. Diggers have some seedlings for sale so I bought 5 and I’ve planted them deep and surrounded some with large pots with the bottom cut out and planted one into a grow bag in a sheltered sunny position. I’m hoping they’ll survive and thrive, thumbing their noses at any cold weather and that they’ll be producing tomatoes before well Christmas. Read more

Delicious fresh tomatoes

Tigerella, tomato, vegetable, salad

Orange and red striped Tigerella tomatoes not only look great the flavour is superb too.

By Anne-Marie

A FRIEND has just arrived with that most treasured of gifts, fresh tomatoes, bless her glut. Black Krims, Little Sugars, Tigerella and Cherry Toms surplus to her own requirements, and a generous handful of fresh basil. She has had a good tomato season (mine was awful: I planted them in the wrong place, neglected them badly and missed one of summer’s pleasures). She is one of those natural gardeners who can grow anything without much apparent effort, and she has been a source of wisdom for years.

So I have immediate plans for them, involving garlic and basil and crisp salad greens and some proper rustic croutons warm from the oven, with a herby dressing and some warm, thinly sliced rare beef scattered over the top, and the pan juices poured over to mingle with the dressing. A very satisfactory meal, as long as everything is properly seasoned with plenty of salt and pepper. I don’t hold with a lack of seasoning: flavour is all. Read more

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