Community Gardens

A Celebration of the People, Recipes and Plants

Penny Woodward and Pam Vardy

ISBN 978 1864470963

Full-colour PB, 176 pp

Revel in the richness and diversity of these inner-city community gardens. Includes:
* many fascinating and unusual edible plants
* simple, home-style recipes using the vegetables and herbs gathered from these gardens
* tips for successful gardening, like pine needles for strawberries and chicken manure to warm the soil

Winner, 2007 Horticultural Media Association Australia's Book Laurel award for an outstanding original book by an Australian or New Zealand writer:
A finalist together with Paul Bangay’s The Enchanted Garden and Richard Aitkins’ Botanical Riches, the judges wrote of the winner, Community Gardens, ‘... possibly the first book on any gardening topic that virtually had the judges in tears! [It is] ... an inspiration to all and takes gardening back to its most important basics.’

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