Asian Herbs and Vegetables

How to identify, grow and use them in Australia

Penny Woodward

ISBN 9781864470741

full-colour PB, 152 pp
Describes origin, habit, cultivation and uses of 100 Asian herbs and vegetables. Has full-colour photographs for easy identification, general index and Asian names index.

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Community Gardens

A Celebration of the People, Recipes and Plants

Penny Woodward and Pam Vardy

ISBN 978 1864470963

Full-colour PB, 176 pp

Revel in the richness and diversity of these inner-city community gardens. Includes:
* many fascinating and unusual edible plants
* simple, home-style recipes using the vegetables and herbs gathered from these gardens
* tips for successful gardening, like pine needles for strawberries and chicken manure to warm the soil

Winner, 2007 Horticultural Media Association Australia’s Book Laurel award for an outstanding original book by an Australian or New Zealand writer:
A finalist together with Paul Bangay’s The Enchanted Garden and Richard Aitkins’ Botanical Riches, the judges wrote of the winner, Community Gardens, ‘… possibly the first book on any gardening topic that virtually had the judges in tears! [It is] … an inspiration to all and takes gardening back to its most important basics.’

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An organic guide to knowing, growing and using garlic, from Australian Whites and Tasmanian Purples to Korean Reds and Shandongs.

By Penny Woodward
Full-colour, sewn flexicover, ISBN 978 1864471199 224 pages

Garlic has been close to people’s hearts, minds and stomachs for a very long time. Its garlicky flavour can be hot, spicy and pungent but also sweet and nutty, and the same cultivar may vary widely with soil and climate.
Garlic is not just garlic, it is Creole, Rocambole, Purple Stripe, Turban, Silverskin and more.
Guidelines for growing organic garlic around the country.
A selected list with descriptions of more than 50 Australian cultivars.
Meet some of Australia’s growers and find out how and where they grow garlic.
Recipes for cooking, preserving and smoking … and making your own black garlic.
Medicinal uses.
An extensive list of growers and suppliers.

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Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies

Penny Woodward

ISBN 9781864470895

PB, full-colour, 144 pp

Worried about the contents of off-the-shelf pills and potions? This book puts you back in control:
• Deal effectively with unsettling, uncomfortable, or debilitating ailments.
• Save yourself and your family many a trip to doctor, pharmacist or natural therapist.
• Grow the herbs you love, then make your own infusions, teas, salves, ointments, and rubs.

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Growing Easy Herbs for Beauty Fragrance and Flavour

Penny Woodward

ISBN 9781864471083

Sewn flexi-cover, 152 pp
Herbs are so easy to grow and use, they should be everywhere in our gardens and backyards, balconies and patios. They can be grown in pots or as hedges, in odd corners and along paths, on fences and in the veggie garden – or, indeed, in a herb garden of their own. The perfect gift.


Read reviews

Review by Steve Payne, Organic Gardener Magazine, Jan/Feb 2010
This is a terrific little book from one of OG’s regular contributors. Woodward has written many books on herbs, but this is by far the simplest and most succinct, providing an excellent introduction and easy reference to herb growing, as well as around 40 herb profiles with basic details on how to sow, grow, pick and use them. It is beautifully illustrated by Fran Gilbert, and filled with lots of snippets of valuable herb lore.

Review by Gail Thomas, Australian Horticulture, Nov 2009
Penny Woodward’s latest release, Growing easy herbs for beauty, fragrance and flavour is 152 pages packed with information geared to inspire novice herb gardeners and those who may be intimidated,believing herbs are difficult and time consuming to grow and use.
Herbs can be grown decoratively in pots on a balcony in a wheelbarrow, incorporated into the vegetable or ornamental garden, or in their own designer bed. With so many varied applications from culinary to medicinal. Penny has taken a ‘sow it, grow it, pick it, use it’ approach to each of the 40 herbs highlighted in the book.
With clear illustrations by Fran Gilbert- Penny focuses on tasty, scented and beautiful herbs and suggests herbs such as garlic chives,
fennel, oregano, rosemary and tansy as tough, dry-tolerant and, once established needing no attention – perfect in today’s water-conscious environment. Together with the usual suspects of ‘parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme’- Penny has also sought out some of the more unusual and interesting herbs that would make a welcome addition to the garden – why not try balm of gilead, costmary, houseleek, pineapple sage and salad burnet. ‘Did you know?’ provides snippets of information and history and to ensure you put your herbs to good use there are instructions for drying and storing herbs. Recipes range from sunflower seed biscuits and peppermint pelargonium chocolate cake to herbal sachets and potpourri – perfect for gift giving, as is this delightful and beautifully presented book.

Review by Sarah Hudson, Weekly Times, 10/2/2010
Did you know that if you chew on lemon balm it can ease toothache? Or that fennel is one of the most tough, dry-tolerant herbs, which, once established, needs no attention. Or that the unusual but useful herb, balm of gilead, is ideal in potpourri and attracts butterflies to a garden. Growing Easy Herbs is full of such priceless gems. While the 150-page book includes facts such as these, it is primarily a book designed for anyone who has never tried to grow herbs before, or has tried and failed.
Gardening writer and photographer Penny Woodward, who has written seven books about plants, says the aim of the book is to show planting herbs is easy, quick, beautiful and fun. “It is not a comprehensive book, but it is supposed to entice the novice into herb gardening and into using them in the home,” she writes. Illustrated with pretty drawings of the herbs by Fran Gilbert, the book is an A to V guide, starting at alpine strawberry and ending with violets. Each herb is accompanied by basic instructions on how to sow, grow, pick and use the plant. The book also includes chapters on garden designs, growing new herbs and positioning for optimum growth. Woodward scatters recycling tips throughout – there is even a picture of an old toaster used as a pot plant. It is a charming book, equally enjoyable to peruse or as a practical guide.

Review by Gina Cranson, Newcastle Herald, 2/1/2010
Who knew that plants so aesthetically pleasing and so divine in taste and smell can be so ridiculously easy to grow? Growing Easy Herbs for Beauty, Fragrance and Flavour has instilled in me the utmost confidence to go beyond our usual Scarborough fare of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, and a few others. It has some lovely, quaint herb garden designs. My favourite is the chequerboard, where herbs are planted in small square plots among pavers in a chequerboard pattern. This allows you to access the herbs easily by stepping on the pavers and it helps contain each herb in a small space. There’s also excellent advice on growing herbs from seeds and cuttings, propagating old herbs, when to pick herbs, how to dry them and store them. And Gilbert’s illustrations add something quite special.

Review by Christine Reid, Australian Coast to Coast Country Style, Feb 2010
Author and herb expert Penny Woodward says about her latest book: “It’s very much for someone who has never tried to grow herbs before. I wanted to show that they are easy to grow and use, environmentally friendly and can be fitted into the garden in simple and attractive ways. It’s not a comprehensive book but designed to entice the novice.” Of the many herbs available, Penny’s own favourites are lemon balm, marigold, parsley, sage and tree onions.

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Herbs for Australian Gardens

A practical guide to growing and using organic herbs

Penny Woodward

ISBN 9781864470987

HB, 256 pp

This best-selling herb ‘bible’ (in its 5th printing of 3 editions) contains a fully illustrated A-Z of herbs, chapters on propagation, organic gardening, cultivation and planning, insect repellent herbs, companion planting, medicinal uses, and much, much more.

Completely Revised and Updated 4th Edition of the Author’s Australian Herbal.

Winner of the Horticultural Media Association Australia’s 2009 Book Laurel: ‘Best Technical Book’ This award is for a book displaying a high degree of factual,
detailed information on a specific or range of topics.

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Pest Repellent Plants – 2nd Edition

Organic solutions to garden and household pests

Penny Woodward

ISBN 9781864471182

PB, full-colour, 160 pp

Every gardener knows the havoc insects and other pests can cause in the garden and home. Shop-bought products can control pests but are expensive, wasteful and often highly toxic. By using sprays, oils and powders derived from pest-repellent plants, you can keep garden and household pests at bay. Every plant is shown in full colour, with notes on cultivation and use.
Apart from an A-Z of Pest-repellent Plants, this new edition also includes many other organic solutions, from traps and barriers to sprays, oils, dusting powders and washes made from common household items like milk, coffee and bicarbonate of soda.

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Tomato: know sow grow feast

by Penny Woodward, Janice Sutton and Karen Sutherland

ISBN 9780646982748 Hardcover. 376 pages. Full colour throughout. $60

Special 10% off lockdown special with bonus two packets of seed. In this multi award winning book, Karen leads you through organic heirloom tomato growing, from seed sowing to feeding, pruning and training. She outlines a variety of ways to grow and helps you keep problems at bay with an extensive illustrated pest and disease section. Penny explains how to breed your own heirloom tomatoes. She also tells us why a red tomato is red and describes in detail, more than 220 heirloom tomatoes that can be sourced in Australia today. Janice explores the diverse range of heirloom tomato flavours, tells how to select, prepare, preserve and cook, and shares delicious tomato recipes from renowned chefs and passionate tomato lovers throughout Australia!

“The ultimate book on tomatoes, brimming with information based on experience. It covers everything anyone ever needs to know about selecting, growing and using the best and tastiest tomatoes in all districts and climates.” Peter Cundall 2018

Price: $60.00
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